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Add a Third Way to Make Money Using Speaq...

  • Create personal videos that bring in traffic, leads and sales.
  • Client’s create their own videos (and get you paid).
  • Sell Speaq As Your OWN & Keep 100% Of The Profits!

How Software Businesses Make Money...

Have you noticed when you buy a software, they usually have upgrades?

This is known as a sales funnel, and it’s used to boost how much money you can make per customer.

This is nothing new – even MCDONALDS do this.

Ever heard of something called “SUPERSIZE”? Or...

--- “Would you like fries with that?” ---

In fact, McDonald’s employees are REQUIRED to ask EVERY SINGLE CUSTOMER if they’d like to supersize their order.

They do this because it WORKS. Period.

The problem with creating a software business is it’s expensive…

Top that with creating MORE add-ons and products to create a sales funnel (…and you’re now looking at over $10,000 in expenses).

AND top that with finding a reliable development team that aren’t going to steal your code or vanish mid-project with your money (…it happens)!

The odds are stacked against you.

We wanted to solve this problem…

Not Just a Software You’re Selling –

Look, most reseller or white label offers only allow you to re-sell the main/FE offer (but they’re tripling their revenue with a funnel). So you aren’t able to profit like they are.

Right now on this page, we’re doing something we have NEVER done before.

We’re giving you the rights to resell Speaq for 100% of what the customer pays, AND 100% of what they buy inside the sales funnel.

How cool is this?


10 People Purchase at $47

Upgrade #1 - Speaq Pro

5 People Purchase at $67

Upgrade #2 - Speaq Expansion

2 People Purchase at $67

10 people x $47 = $470

5 people upgrade x $67 = $335

2 people upgrade x $67 = $134

That’s A Grand Total Of $939!

If you were ONLY selling the main/FE offer (like most other companies sell you)...’d be stuck with $470.

You just DOUBLED your income by offering 2 SIMPLE upgrades

These are real numbers at the current Speaq prices.

Do you think you can sell 10 licenses? Or 100 ($9,390)? Or 200 ($18,780)?

With a world-first technology like Speaq (AI guided video creation)… Topped off with proven-to-convert sales pages that are GIVEN to you. It’s only a click away.

You ONLY have to send the traffic and you can make up to


We’re GIVING You All The Above INCLUDED With Your Reseller License!

  • Resell Speaq and keep 100% of every sale you make.
  • Every customer you refer is automatically shown our 2 upgrades and you make 100% of those sales too.
  • You get our sales pages set up automatically for you.
  • You get access to our sales videos that already convert visitors to customers.
  • You get your very own customer management dashboard to oversee everything with full control.
  • Integrate your very own payment details for 100% control.
  • We take care of all the support for you!

Never worry about these again...

  • Creating A Product
  • Writing Sales Copy
  • Designing Sales Pages
  • Creating a Funnel of Upgrades
  • Setting Up The Product Inside a Sales Platform

We’ve Done It For You...

“Not Your Typical” Reseller License...

We truly want you to be able to get started as easily as possible. Zero configurations, mapping of sales pages, setting up product customizations etc.

When you get this offer today, you would only have to send traffic and the funnel will do the heavy lifting for you.

First 50 Get Rewarded With These LOW Prices...

The first 50 people to pick up this offer are secured at these prices. However, we will be increasing the prices to reduce competition for those who get in early.

We’ve done the heavy-lifting for you.

The product is done (cost tens of thousands in research, development and marketing).

The sales funnel is done, and converting.

This is your ONLY chance to become a reseller of Speaq.

Here's A Quick Summary!

  • Hand-crafted & designed pages
  • Our proven-to-convert sales videos
  • Our professionally written sales copy to convert visitors to sales
  • Upgrades for Speaq, also with their own pages, copy and videos already done.
  • Make 100% on each sale you make, for the Speaq AND it’s upgrades.
  • Your OWN Payment System for 100% Control
  • Manage Your Customers With Your Own Management Dashboard
  • Make up to $181 per customer


Add A THIRD Way to Make Money From Speaq Today…


Prices below subject to change after we sell to the first 50 people. If you’re seeing this, you’re inside the first 50. Secure your spot below.

Speaq Reseller

Hatchling Package

50 Licenses

Speaq Reseller Baby
Speaq Reseller

Premium Package

250 Licenses

Speaq Reseller Premium
Speaq Reseller

Giant Package

500 Licenses

Speaq Reseller Monster

No thanks, I don’t want to add a 3rd way to make money with Speaq and keep 100% of the profits from every license I sell.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’ve never sold a product before?

That’s exactly what the Reseller Package is all about! We created it as a done-for-you reseller business so that you can pick it up and begin selling within the next 24 hours. You get our sales pages (for all parts of the funnel), sales videos, the Speaq product, your own customer management dashboard etc).

What parts of Speaq can I resell?

You get an entire sales funnel and upgrades (not just the main version)!

You can resell Speaq main (front end), OTO1 (PRO) and OTO2 (Template Expansion Package)

…all for 100% to keep as profits.

When can I start selling?

You can begin selling 30 days after Speaq launches (you can begin selling on November 28th, 2019).

What about support?

We take support off your handles completely.

What if I sell all my licenses? Can I buy more?

Absolutely, even better, when you pick up your license you’re grandfathered in at that price forever. So if you jump on this offer at the current price on this page right now, you’ll be able to re-purchase more licenses in the future at that same price (even though publicly it’ll be sold much, much higher).

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