Meet Speaq.

Easily Create Rad Marketing Videos on Autopilot from Conversations…

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October 28th - @ 11AM EST

The World’s First AI Video Creation Platform!

One Link. One Conversation. Video Creation Made Easier.

Teaser Video

We’re excited to let you know we have something fresh to bring to the marketplace!

Up until now, most video platforms have had pre-made video templates. Your customers needed to intricately fill in multiple text fields, price points, CTAs, upload images, perhaps edit colors and add a background track.

They’d then cross fingers, and hope for the best that nothing overlapped and the video actually looked like the template when they downloaded it.

This would often end up in a badly orchestrated video for their business, or their clients.

Well, what if you could create a seamless video by having a simple conversation? Without the hassle of trying to blindly match fields to a template?

That’s where Speaq comes in.

Speaq is the world’s first AI bot for intuitively creating amazing marketing videos for all social platforms in ALL formats.

Interact with Speaq, answer his questions and have an amazing video delivered to you by the end of the conversation!

The #1 Feature That Sets Speaq Apart

(Commercial Rights Included)


It’s impressive that Speaq can create videos from a simple conversation. But there’s something else he has up his sleeve!

Inside their Speaq account, your customers will get a shareable link. When clicked, this nifty link will open Speaq.

The result?

Your customers can share this link with THEIR customers/clients and Speaq will create a perfect video based on their exact answers – and get PAID in the process! That’s complete automated fulfilment!

Speaq allows your customers to sell videos on autopilot!

Share a simple link with clients

Client answers Speaq’s questions

Client pays for their video INSIDE the conversation

Client has a video EXACTLY how they want it

Your customers’ clients can create their own videos:

  • Without any experience in the field
  • No more frustrating revision requests
  • No more phone calls in the middle of the night saying they hate your video

Just share the link and let Speaq create his own personalized video EXACTLY how the client wants it.

This means your customer can spend more time finding clients, then sharing the link so they can create their own videos, and they get paid each and every time.

Commercial rights are included on the front end so this is a HUGE conversion factor for the launch.

Other Powerful Features

Create Videos from ANY Link

Paste in your Facebook page URL, an eCommerce product, social media post… or ANY URL and Speaq will create an automated video!

Proven to Convert HD Templates

Create world class, amazing animated marketing videos using our templates!

Commercial License Included

Sell videos on autopilot to clients while Speaq does all the heavy lifting!

Templates in All Niches

Local, eCom, Real Estate, Pets, Sports and many, many more.

Fully Customizable

Customize your video the way YOU want it.

100% Mobile Friendly

Videos can be created from ANY mobile device.

Shareable Link

Share your unique link with clients that opens Speaq and have them create their very own videos how THEY want to from a conversation (no more revisions)!

Get Paid inside Speaq

Speaq lets you receive payments from your clients INSIDE the conversation. When they are finished the conversation, they can make a payment to you before downloading their video!

Videos in ALL Formats

Speaq let’s you choose any video format such as vertical, square, landscape and more!

Create Beautiful Videos from Conversations

Answer Speaq’s questions and have a marketing video ready for all platforms by the end of the conversation!

Benefits For Your Customers


Sell Videos on Autopilot

Let your AI Speaq bot do the hard work for you by chatting with your customers, designing and producing their videos AND closing the sale.



Always Available On Mobile

A more convenient way to get videos done on the move for you and your clients! Speaq is always online.


Increases ROI Immediately

No more designer fees, outsourcing fees, animation fees, software monthly fees, revisions, waiting times and more.

Save on ALL fronts with this brand new CHEAPER way of creating videos.


You Don’t Need Any Videos to Get Paid!

Your customers don’t need any video marketing experience to get paid! They simply share the Speaq link with their clients, and Speaq will handle payments AND fulfillment for them!


Save Time & Money

Cancel your monthly subscriptions to outdated and expensive video platforms that require painful editing steps!


No Technical Skills Needed

Speaq guides your customer and client to a video that’s PERFECT and personalized for their business, no technical skills, editing or coding required.


100% Cloud Based

No bulky downloads and updates required!

Templates Upon Templates… Upon Templates.

Speaq has templates for all kinds of businesses!


Social Media Marketing

Local Marketing

Video Marketing


Fashion & Style

Healthcare & Medicare

Food & Drink

Home & Stuff

Real Estate & Building

Business & Finance


Holidays & Celebration



The Funnel

Speaq Speaq Speaq Speaq Speaq

$10,000 In No-Minimum Prizes!

1 $5,000
2 $2,500
3 $1,000
4 $500
5 $300
6 $150
7 $100
8 $75
9 $50
10 $25

Plus, extra daily cash prizes throughout the launch! Please note that if you plan on teaming up, we’re allowing teams of up to 2 affiliates and this needs to be communicated to Oliver or Brad before October 28th 11AM EST. The contest is based off of affiliate commissions earned.


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  1. You are NOT permitted to conduct e-mail promotions in a 3rd party system - all e-mail contacts MUST be your OWN opt in e-mail list. You cannot buy solo ads, use safe lists, use spam or anything similar.
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