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Unlock an extra 25 premium video designs that are hand-crafted by video professionals to give your videos that Hollywood feel.

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It’s so important to keep ahead of the ever-evolving video marketing space and these video designs do just that.

Create videos at the cutting-edge of video design with these super exclusive designs for a direct increase in traffic, leads and sales.

Create LONGER Videos

You, or the people clicking your shareable Speaq link to create their own videos might want to create LONGER videos (up to 1 minute)!

The problem is, without this upgrade, these longer video animations can cost up to $1,000 a pop which is quite simply unaffordable to most marketers on a budget.

Not anymore!

Did you know Speaq can use his intelligent AI guidance to lead you or your clients to a marketing video that long?

He can now with this special upgrade!

Offer your customers & clients the options they deserve and get paid handsomely for it.

This means you have a new diversified marketing toolkit that can create more videos, in different lengths!

Use these on MORE platforms like YouTube, websites, Facebook Watch and Instagram!

More Videos = More Marketing Assets = More Traffic!

New Facebook Video Types

Unlock a special new video type inside Speaq that will upgrade your Facebook page for you and ANYONE chatting to Speaq through your shareable link.

Have you ever visited a Facebook page and seen a video as their cover photo instead of a photo?

It looks AMAZING .

The problem is, these hard and expensive to create because they’re a different video size…

Now YOU can create exclusive Facebook COVER videos to upgrade your Facebook pages to bring in more leads and sales.

This is SO important, to stay ahead of the curve and ALWAYS look like a professional business. Nobody wants to do business with someone with a FB page that looks like it was created in 2008.

OR offer these to clients.

Tell them to click your unique Speaq link, they’ll chat to Speaq and be able to create and download their very own professional FB cover video by the end of the conversation.

…and Speaq will even receive the client payment for you.

UNLIMITED Permissions to ANY New Video Designs We EVER Release in the Future

Staying at the frontline of video marketing is important.

Let’s face it, look at the quality of marketing videos just a few years ago.

Not that great, right?

…but look at where we are now.

Can you imagine in a few months…? Let alone a few years!

That’s why we know it’s important to offer you the option to get our new, fresh video designs automatically loaded into your Speaq account whenever we release them.

Another reason you can rest easily knowing Speaq is hard at work for you.

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These video design packages usually go for a monthly fee. You might even be a part of one of those monthly clubs.

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When the launch is over, we’ll switch to a monthly club pricing model.

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